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10 Tips for a Top-Notch Twitter Account

10 conseils pour tweeter utile !

So you’ve made the leap and finally created a Twitter handle for your company! Congratulations! You’re ready to put your hair salon, architecture firm or paint store out there on the interwebs. And you can’t wait! But is performance anxiety and a lack of inspiration stopping you from posting your first brilliant tweet?  Don’t panic! Here are a few ideas to guide you toward ultimate Twitter success!

1. Respond to anyone who interacts with you

Every time someone reaches out to you on Twitter, we strongly recommend that you take the time to reply.  If you feel the person’s content is relevant, you could even favourite their tweet or retweet it to your community.  Same thing goes for when you receive criticism. Respond calmly.  When feedback is constructive, it can help you grow.

2. Send a welcome tweet to your new subscribers

It’s free and it’s always fun!

3. Don’t be afraid to take part in the discussion

On Twitter, nothing’s stopping you from joining the conversation.  Your opinion and professional expertise can even help move a debate forward.  The Internet is crawling with self-proclaimed pseudo-experts. But your knowledge of your sector gives you full reign to share your point of view. You can also go ahead and ask your followers for their opinions.

Handy Tips

  • On Twitter, if you don’t want your conversations to be public (meaning your followers will be able to read them), you have the option of exchanging private messages with people. And now you don’t even need to follow someone if you want to write to them.
  • If you mention a Twitter user in one of your tweets, they will receive a notification.

4. Stay on top of your info watch

Twitter is a free and practical tool where you can set up your company watch on social media. It’s up to you to keep track of what’s being said about your company on Twitter. You also want to stay in the loop about your industry, products, competitors, and the latest trends. Once again, feel free to add to the conversation.

5. Keep your followers informed in real time

Nothing beats Twitter when it comes to keeping your followers up to date on your news. You can let them know about your latest promotions, contests, events, schedule changes and more.

6. Post engaging tweets

There’s not much use in tweeting into an empty void.  To optimize the chances that your community will read your tweets and spread the word in large numbers, remember these tips:

  • Keep it short (no more than 100 characters)
  • Include a photo/video/or graphic.
  • Mention another Twitter user like a client, supplier or partner.
  • Ask a question.
  • Pick a #hashtag (keyword) on a trending topic.
  • Opt for a Twitter Card. It’s longer than a traditional tweet and will get more traction.
  • Include a “call-for-action.” (e.g. Interested? Go to my website for more info.)

7. Host a contest

When you organize contests on Twitter, you unfortunately won’t get the email addresses of your participants. But you will get their names and/or Twitter handles, and you never know, this could lead to more subscribers.  Once you’ve chosen your prize (make sure it matches your activity), write out your rules and register them with a bailiff (legally required in France), and then you’re ready to launch your contest.

8. Share your successes with your community

Have you reached one of your goals? Announce your victory to the world! (Without bragging too much, of course!)

9. Contact the most influential tweeters in your industry

Ask them a question, join their conversations, ask for their opinions, or introduce yourself. If a major Twitter account mentions you, you can build your community and credibility.

10. Offer your subscribers exclusive content

If you’re looking to build your bond with your followers (and expand your following!), it’s a good idea to offer exclusive content that only your community has access to.

Key Points to Remember:

  • For maximum impact, your tweets need to be “engaging.”
  • Including an image in your tweets will increase their click rate.
  • Don’t be too heavy handed with your hashtags (2 or 3 is plenty)
  • With their format, Twitter Cards will boost the visibility of your tweets.
  • Everything is happening/The clouds have parted/I am free.

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