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5 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Communication

Of course, when it comes to boosting your activity and helping your prospects discover you, your website remains your best tool. But social media networks offer other exciting opportunities for businesses.

Too often too many companies overlook the essential advantages that social media has to offer. They have a tough time getting started with their social media presence. But no matter the platform, social networks always provide an excellent way to communicate, share, show your expertise in your field and get closer to your clients and prospects.

In recent years, social media has evolved considerably. It’s now easier than ever for VSE’s and SME’s to communicate on various platforms, especially with the rise of Social Shopping.

We know that growing your visibility on social media is not an easy task. So we’ve decided to give you a little boost. Check out our best and favourite tips for giving you the best chance at winning over your prospects with social media.

Think About Your Target

A number of different social media platforms have arrived on the scene over the last several years.  Facebook, Twitter YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram… All these social media outlets offer the same opportunity for you to get closer to your prospects and clients.

If you are getting lost in the multitude of platforms to choose from and you’re thinking to yourself, there’s no way I have time to manage posts in so many different places, don’t worry. They aren’t all essential.

So what’s the goal? To find platforms where you’ll have the best chance at reaching potential clients. To do so, the first step is to determine who your prospects are.  Getting to know your target customer holds the key to choosing the best communication medium for your audience. And knowing who you are talking to will let you determine the ideal tone and type of content to aim for.

Be Organized and Consistent

If you want to stay coherent and avoid getting lost in all your ideas, the trick lies in setting up a post schedule ahead of time.   What’s that, you ask. As its name suggests, it’s a calendar where you will keep track of all your future posts, along with their type, content, platform and more.

Figure out your ideal frequency for posting and stick to it. But be careful. Your timing will be different based on the platform you choose.   

Work Your Content Before You Post

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to convince new prospects or build customer loyalty with clients you already have, you need to carefully consider all your content.  Your posts reflect the quality of your work and your company. Just like your website, your online presence serves as a showcase and is a determining factor in creating your image.

The definition of high-quality content depends on your target.  Make sure you’re speaking to your audience in the right way. Your tone will depend on your activity and customers.

Keep an eye out for what the competition is up to and look out for relevant elements to share.  But remember. Inspiration and plagiarism are two totally different things. Stay unique and original. Otherwise you put yourself at risk.

Don’t Underestimate Your Visuals

Content is far more than just text.  Your posts need to be varied.  Consider adding visuals, like images and videos.  And you don’t need to be a professional videographer or photographer to pull off appealing visual content.  With all the tools out there these days, it’s easy to create your own content, even with very little prior experience. One example is, Canva. Of course, you are always free to hire someone to help you with your social media visuals if you want to.

Adapt Your Posts for Each Platform

Once you have carefully considered your content, you need to publish it according to the standards of each social media network.  Each platform possesses its own norms. Depending on where your post is published, the same content will not perform in the same way.  Users have different expectations that depend on each network.

From the length of your text to your visual formats, get informed before you post mindlessly.

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