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How to Use Digital Technology to Better Cope with the Covid Crisis. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

We’re in the midst of challenging times, where an unprecedented health crisis has forced stores to close and artisans to drastically reduce their activities. Through it all, digital technology, once such an overlooked phenomenon, has now taken on a whole new meaning.  It’s looking like online tools have become the number one ally for SME’s, giving them the chance to stay in touch with their clients, showcase their know-how and do their jobs better.

COVID19 will have a “before” and an “after,” but there will also be a “during.”

We’ve all heard the cry of business owners and artisans who’ve claimed that, “e-commerce was the end of me.”  With digital tools arose the rapid development of new forms of client relations. Though this scared some people away, with time, many business owners have integrated these new methods in a way that lets them do a better job at ensuring customer satisfaction. Our clients make up the SME’s who quickly recognized the pros of digital technology and added it to their toolkits.

In this global health crisis, which neither our country or planet has ever seen, the digital has become a tool that offers a new way to produce and communicate. Business can go on, even at a time when stores are empty and the streets are deserted. 

With digital technology, companies can bounce back and expand their creativity through e-commerce, websites and sales platforms for delivery and remote payment.  Small local businesses are able to survive, and some of them can even build a whole new brand.  Of course, it’s not possible for all sectors to take advantage of switching to digital communication. But a number of artisans and business owners have already been able to adapt to this new situation. And this includes many of our clients.

A COVID closure doesn’t mean it’s the end!

Governmental measures are in place to support companies. Telecommuting also allows certain sectors to enjoy a level of continuity in their business activities. But not all SME’s can benefit from these measures and telecommuting is not always possible.

Though we don’t have access to studies on the subject, it is already clear that business owners and artisans who were forced to close did not in fact stop working. Very often they made the choice to offer their services in another way.

Citizens in isolation are seeking to make purchases close to home, with a shorter shopping route.  More and more, for sanitary and even ethical reasons, they are systematically resorting to delivery, drive through and digital payment methods. Local food producers are preparing fresh food baskets. Supermarkets are delivering groceries. Restaurants have altered their typical routines and now offer more takeout. Florists are creating bouquets based on client demand and availability. There are so many more examples but in short, it’s clear that small to medium-sized business owners have taken the steps to bounce back. Digital technology has simplified this process with tools that are designed to make your day-to-day tasks super easy. Examples include click and collect add-ons, online stores, or even something as simple as automated text messages or newsletters. All these options provide your clients with stress-free solutions to their everyday problems.

Provide the same service in a whole new way. Digital technology helps us rise to the challenge!

Health restrictions are requiring people to live differently.  Business owners and artisans have chosen to apply their knowhow for the benefit of their community and make their services accessible to all.  Affiliated businesses are providing free delivery with the support of their city; online Pilates classes are happening; bookstores are preparing packages on demand, impromptu drives, by-request reservations. In all these cases, your digital tools once again play an important role in your projects’ success, with your websites and digital add-ons making it all possible (Planner, online booking, e-commerce, takeout etc.).  Building your community through social media (Facebook, Instagram) lets you continue to maintain your connections with your clients.

Creating this connection isn’t just about organizing Skype cocktail parties, though these are of course wonderful. A big part of it is about helping your neighbours and clients by bringing them a touch of breath and joy into this complex and isolated world. (Your life is of supreme importance.)

Right now, Linkeo is offering our clients and prospects our Delivery add-on for free

Because of everything we just talked about, and because we want to stay by your side throughout this crisis,  we have decided to offer our clients and prospects in the restaurant industry our Delivery Add-on. Free for a limited time! This web tool lets your customers order online for either pick-up or delivery at their chosen time. This way, they can continue to enjoy your delicious meals with zero risk!

We also have a team in place to help you set up this solution.

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