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Customer Case Study: Kyran-ô-Pizza


Even in a global lockdown, Linkeo’s web products made it easy for customers to find Kyran-ô-Pizza’s much-needed comfort food.


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Known for their family vibe, great prices, and infinite list of toppings, Kyran-ô-Pizza serves up a hearty menu in the heart of Quebec city—where their signature dishes also include hamburgers, fries and the region’s classic poutine. A hotspot for tourists and locals alike, “Kyran-ô” has been a fixture of the Saint Sauveur restaurant scene for over four decades.

Running the show since 2018, manager Matice Langevin was looking for an easy, low-maintenance website. If he needed to change his menu or business hours, he wanted the process to be fast and simple. And he was hoping to expand his customer reach to include a younger clientele.


On March 20, 2020, COVID regulations shut down indoor dining across the province of Quebec, and most of the world.

I never would have imagined we would have to close,” says Matice of that fateful day.

But for Kyran-ô-pizza the pivot was easy. Thanks to their Linkeo website, Kyran-ô-pizza was able to keep its kitchens open through the first, second and third wave of the Coronavirus. With their delicious menu right on their homepage, customers could order directly from the site.


Our website saved us,” says Matice. And while other restaurants were left scrambling to make their digital leap, Kyran-ô-pizza was already set up with a website they could count on.

Kyran-ô-Pizza’s Homepage, courtesy of Linkeo

Their Linkeo package makes it easy to adjust their menu and post their latest specials amid ever-changing circumstances.

Matice can either make the changes himself or contact Linkeo’s technicians. In addition to updates, the Linkeo team takes care of Kyran-ô-pizza’s SEO, which ensures they appear high in Google search results.

I save so much time,” says Matice. “It’s like I have my own on-call marketing team.


Loaded with tantalizing photos, Kyran-ô-pizza’s website attracts up to 6000 visits per month, including the younger clientele that Matice has been targeting.

Among the pandemic’s hardest hit industries, many restaurants have not survived the ravaging COVID restrictions. But Kyran-ô-pizza sales have remained strong. Lockdown or not, their website has allowed them to connect with their loyal customers and attract more pizza lovers.

With the dining room closed, I never would have thought that so many people would end up on my site instead,” says Matice.

But if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life is full of surprises and that it pays to invest in an online conversation.

Manager Matice Langevin               Click here for your next slice!

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