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Customer Case Study: Scantek Solutions


When it comes to retail, online shopping is king, and due to ever-increasing volumes, suppliers can’t get their packages out fast enough. That’s where Scantek Solutions comes in, as Montréal area’s premier source of scanning and printing label products, thanks in part to their Linkeo website and online catalogue.





Obsessed with barcodes since 2001, Steve Gauthier—owner of Scantek Solutions—is the go-to guy to call when your barcode reader or label printer stops working.

“Buying a great printer is the easy part,” Steve says. “At Scantek, we teach people how they can leverage the latent potential of their products and that makes a world of difference.” In addition to sales, Scantek offers the installation and repair of the latest labelling equipment, software and barcode scanners.


Scantek’s customers include the biggest names in manufacturing. And when something goes awry, they need Scantek Solutions to get their assembly lines back up and running.

“It’s all about timing,” Steve says. “If I don’t show up for them when they need me, then I lose my customer base. And since I’m busy helping my clients, I don’t have time to knock on doors and drum up new prospects.”

That makes it all the more important for Scantek’s online presence to bring in business so he can focus on customer service.


After trying to build his own website, Steve quickly realized, “this is not my greatest gift.” So he turned to Linkeo to streamline and manage a brand new website, SEO optimization, and Google Ad campaigns.

An online catalogue for Scantek Solutions, courtesy of Linkeo

Having an online catalogue allows clients to browse Scantek’s vast inventory and track down the exact model they’re looking for. “This is critical in terms of attracting new customers,” says Steve. What’s more, inventory changes are a breeze—because updates are easy and free. “I’m no programmer, but most of the time I can do them myself,” he says.

Beyond that, SEO optimization ensures that Scantek always tops the list in an online search for anyone looking for printing and labelling products in Quebec.


“A website is like a store window,” says Steve. “But if you can’t see the goods, you don’t know what a business has to offer. Our catalogue is a cornerstone of the company. And that’s what draws people in.”

With more than 1,000 unique visitors every month, the phones are ringing, the emails are coming in, and managing the increased workload has never been so simple. This leaves Steve with time to save the day: “Every time I solve a breakdown I walk out a hero. It’s my favourite part of the job.”

As for Linkeo, it doesn’t matter what your industry is. Our number one priority is your success.

Steve Gauthier of Scantek Solutions


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