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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2020

Tendances marketing 2020

Digital marketing has caused a huge shift in the way companies advertise. Every year, more and more new trends and innovations appear on the Internet. To stay current, you must constantly be on the lookout for these ever-evolving features. If you’re ready to get started, here’s a sneak peak at what digital marketing will look like in 2020.

AI Comes to Digital Marketing

From voice technology and machine learning to bots and chatbots, these new, up and coming trends all rely on artificial intelligence.  Below, we’ll give you the gist of each of these exciting technologies.

Voice Technology

Voice technology already plays a major role on the AI scene. And with its ultra accessible simplicity, the phenomenon will only continue to grow and attract more and more users.  Connected speakers, voice assistants, smart PDAs… Each of these terms make up part of this cutting-edge technology that combines voice recognition with artificial intelligence. And voice assistance paves a path toward a new form of advertising. Without visuals, we’re forced to rethink the way we promote products.

Bots and Chatbots 

Grounded in artificial intelligence, this trend is part of a conversational marketing approach. Modern Internet users want answers to their questions, and they want these answers fast. Unlike humans, chatbots are available 24/7. So when you use a chatbot, you automatically expand your online presence.

Machine Learning

Thanks to the rise of digital technology, it is possible to collect a wide variety of data on Internet users. Machine learning refers to this automated data collection With this branch of artificial intelligence, you can outsource all aspects of information processing to an algorithm.  Algorithms are able to study all kinds of data including consumer behaviour, activity, habits and much more. The algorithm can also calculate an Internet user’s conversion probability.

Social Commerce

Particularly useful in e-commerce, this trend lets buyers directly access an item’s description and price via a social media post. This “shoppable post” format offers several advantages. For instance, the consumer can make a purchase much faster on the social platform, thereby facilitating the buying process. What’s more, this sales method will also increase the traffic on the e-merchant’s sites. The growing trend has proven to be most effective on Instagram.

Ephemeral Content (stories)

These instant and easy-to-produce formats are extremely popular thanks to their immersive effect and ability to create personal contact with users.  Ephemeral content is now available everywhere, even on Youtube. It has become a tried and tested communication channel for renewing customer relationships.


This format offers a straightforward and sure-fire method for seducing customers, especially in 2020 when it’s become as easy to produce videos as it is to watch them. And the proof lies in the worldwide success of the Tik Tok app. What is it? A video sharing platform, with average videos lasting about fifteen seconds.  Video content is particularly compelling when it is relatively short.

Influencers and Micro Influencers

The explosion of Instagram has given companies the opportunity to develop their marketing actions by leveraging the power of micro influencers. Micro influencers have become key players in a business’s quest to facilitate communication with their community.

These days, micro influence is actually more important than mass influence. Micro influencers reach fewer people, but their community engagement is much stronger

Interactive Content

What is it? Content that calls Internet users to action. From contests and quizzes to live streaming and surveys, interactive content captures the user’s attention in a playful way by encouraging immediate participation. This content is very trendy since it directly engages the audience and inspires them to get involved.

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