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How do I choose the right domain name?

These days, the Internet is bombarded by millions of websites.  This means that what you choose as your domain name has become super important.  Your domain name makes up a powerful tool in your digital strategy.

Make sure you make sense

This maybe goes without saying, but your domain name must reflect your company and business activity.  Though you can choose to go with your company name, you don’t have to.  But for SEO purposes, a short, simple name that mentions your area of expertise will do the trick.

Your domain name must be clear

There’s no room for ambiguity.  Your domain name must tell your visitors that they’ve come to the right spot.  To do so, you have to be clear. Your domain name needs to be understandable. If Internet users have to think about what it means for more than a few seconds, they won’t remember it and it will seem less important.


Make it short and simple

Don’t overthink it. The key is to keep it simple. Your domain name needs to be an obvious choice. We generally recommend 3 syllables.  The idea is that Internet users will be able to remember it. A domain name that is too long will be difficult to memorize and type. Don’t make it too complicated.  Making it easy for Internet users to remember your name will also encourage word-of-mouth A domain name that is easy to type is also positive for your brand image.

Stand out

Consider choosing a name that is very different from other sites on the web. Make yourself unique. This way, online prospects who are trying to find you won’t end up at a completely different website that has nothing to do with you. Your goal is also to stand out. A domain name that is both unique and evocative will bring more weight to your brand image.

Handy Tips 

  • There are a few common traps to avoid. For example, avoid hyphens and numbers. These make your name harder to type, remember and say out loud.
  • Buying an existing domain name might be a good idea. An existing domain name will already be ranked on Google, which will give you a boost on your SEO.
  • Pay attention to breaches in copyright.

 Key points to remember 

Key Points to Remember 

Take your time making your decision. Don’t rush! Your domain name is a long-term commitment. It is also what will define your online identity.

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