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Instagram for Business: How can I attract more customers?

The number of active Instagram users is constantly growing.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for businesses who wish to add a little boost to their online marketing strategy.  Do you still not have a professional Instagram account? In just a few minutes, you will learn everything there is to know about this innovative platform and how to use it for your business.  This article will touch on all the most important points to help guide you in the creation of your professional Instagram page.

Here are the steps on how to create an Instagram account for your business

1. Start with a clear goal.

To give you an idea, an Instagram account can help you…

  • Gain visibility amongst your prospects
  • Grow your brand awareness.
  • Gather ideas for content.
  • Get the news you want to read in real time.
  • Interact with other users by sharing your ideas and articles.

Which strategy you use will depend on your goals.

2. Set up your Instagram account.

You can use your personal Instagram account or create a professional account. It’s up to you! Make sure you have accurate information on your profile, especially your contact info (email, address, phone number…) Don’t forget to connect your Instagram with your Facebook account.

Your profile acts as your bio, and this is your third step when creating your professional account.

3. Personalize your Instagram bio.

To help future clients get to know you better, make sure your professional Instagram account is complete with  the following elements:

  • A link to your website
  • A short bio that reflects your experience.
  • A clear description of your field and products
  • Some of your achievements to show off your know-how.
  • Advantages for customers

Share all information that could serve as a sales pitch. On Instagram, you will gain more followers when you offer interesting content.

4. Stand out easily by choosing the right username

Your username is your identity on Instagram. It’s important to choose this well.  The platform has a tool where you can search for available usernames.  You can also choose a name based on your sector or, as we were discussing before, depending on your goals.  In all cases, a catchy name is sure to generate more sales.

Create a winning combo of keywords you want to put in your name. This will rank you higher on Instagram and Google search results.  And make sure it isn’t too long.  Choose a username that’s easy to remember! 

5. Enrich your content with images and videos.

With relevant images and videos, your Instagram account will be more captivating.  Instagram requires photos of different sizes for your profile, stories and organic posts.  It’s essential to respect these sizes and choose high quality images.

6. Organize your posts.

To make your professional Instagram account more dynamic, you need to be specific about how often you will post your content, images and videos.  Do you want to post every day, several times a day, or once a week? It’s up to you.  It is also important to take care when  you’re choosing the content for your posts. Don’t stray from your goals.  Publish interesting stuff and use the right hashtags.  Each of your posts should be accompanied by a short, catchy text.  Dynamic content is what will let you stand out in Instagram’s algorithm and maintain your visibility.

7. Optimize the content of your posts.

A quick search will help you choose the best keywords.  On Instagram, hashtags play an essential role. Be sure to take advantage of them.  Hashtags will let you reach a large audience, and increase your number of followers in the process. #photooftheday#TBT and #throwbackthursday#motivationalmonday#blogging are the hashtags you want to use if you want to attract followers and interact with new prospects. And there are so many more.  As for captions, choose the right length and only include the essentials.

To attract your audience’s attention, Instagram offers 1001 possibilities.  Read on.

8. Offer content that inspires trust.

To launch your business on Instagram, you need to earn your prospects’ trust.  And the only way to do this is through quality content.  You can evaluate the quality of your content based on a number of elements that we have already mentioned. All that’s left to do is reread, remember and apply these tips.

Two final steps remain for finishing up the creation of your professional Instagram profile.

9. Be an active user.

Stay active so you continue to attract new followers.  It’s not enough to just boost your own posts. You also need to like and comment on your subscribers’ posts.  Encourage exchanges, conversations, comments and sharing…

10. Find the best influencers for your marketing strategy.

With high quality content, you’ll create your own buzz.  Attract influencers who can share your posts with their communities. Gain the support of influencers and watch as travel lovers, new technology enthusiasts, fashion addicts and many other categories of users join your Instagram influence campaign.

Now you know the two main factors to success on Instagram: quality content and positive interaction with your followers.  It’s time to get started!

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