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What should I put on my restaurant’s website?

These days, consumers almost always have the primary reflex to search the Internet.  In the restaurant world, it is therefore crucial to make your mark on the web.

Are you dreaming of building a website for your restaurant but don’t know where to start? We’ve come up with a couple ideas on how to create an effective website.

The Essentials

Introduce Your Restaurant

Write up a little introductory text that’s easy to access and gets to the heart of your restaurant. You want Internet users to be able to readily see your type of cuisine since this is what they’re usually interested in.  Don’t forget to include your schedule and opening hours.

It’s also a good idea to use keywords to improve your SEO.

Your Menu

Your Menu

Your menu is another one of the most sought-after items amongst your website visitors. Make sure that yours is clear and easy to find on your site.

Handy Tip 

  • Most Internet users surf the web on their phone, especially if they’re looking for a restaurant for their next meal. For these users, it’s better to avoid posting the menu as a PDF they have to open or download. We recommend integrating your menu directly on the site.  You should also consider a responsive design so that your site looks just as perfect from a smartphone.
  • It’s not the best idea to post your menu as an image, since this will affect SEO.  Google won’t be able to read the text on your image.  And if you have to update your menu, you’ll save time if you don’t have to recreate a new visual.

Show Photos of Your Restaurant

Inside, outside… We want to know where we’re headed if we’re going to be a customer.  Displaying photos of your exterior will help consumers to easily find you from the street.  As for the inside, you’ve almost certainly invested in some wonderful decor. It’s time to show it off! And a restaurant’s ambiance is obviously important. If your clients have already seen photos ahead of time, they’ll avoid unpleasant surprises that come when reality doesn’t match what they’d envisioned.

But of course, take the time to take high-quality photos.  It’s best if you can look into getting professional photos, since your potential visitors will form an opinion based on your photos within just a few seconds.  And keep in mind that food is tricky to photograph.

Extras, for Enhancing Your Website

Integrate a Reservation Add-on

The ability to reserve a table online is a major bonus both for you and your customers. With a specialty add-on, your customers can make a reservation on your website at any time. On your end, you can manage your reservations in just a few clicks.

Integrate a Delivery Add-on

A delivery add-on  lets your customers place an online takeout order for delivery or a predetermined pick-up time. This offers you the major advantage of being able to create a special connection with your clients. With no intermediaries, the add-on makes it easy to manage your orders.

Display your customers’ reviews

Customer feedback is very important and valuable for Internet users, especially in the restaurant industry.  People’s restaurant choices depend on more than just your advertising. Published reviews also have a major impact.

Handy Tip

70% of French customers consult online reviews before deciding on their restaurant.

Key Points to Remember

  • A website is an effective communication tool that lets you attract and retain your clients.
  • Increase your overall efficiency, specifically by using an add-on for your reservation process.
  • You’ll be able to more easily communicate any updated information

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