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The Pivotal Levers of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Leviers inbound marketing

If you’re looking to implement an inbound marketing strategy, your goal should be to activate a variety of levers for attracting new prospects. And there are all kinds of levers to choose from. Check out our summary of what we believe to be your most significant and effective options.

Natural SEO

Also known as natural referencing, SEO makes up a crucial tool for your inbound marketing strategy. SEO constitutes your third greatest source of lead generation. When prospects do pre-purchase research, natural referencing definitely plays a major role in helping them find you. The main principle of inbound marketing lies in getting your prospects come to you, so make sure you don’t neglect your natural referencing plan.

Starting a Blog

Blogs entail a key element of any inbound marketing strategy. With blogs, you can create marketing content and direct your prospects to information about your products or services. They also show that you really know your stuff in your field. Additionally, your blog content improves your SEO and helps you grow your online presence. And finally, it provides an excellent source of content for your social media networks.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have all become essential if you want to be competitive and generate commitment. They also make up key tools in every inbound marketing strategy. Just like blogs, social networking platforms will help to expand your online presence.  According to a survey conducted by Hootsuite and WeAreSocial, 58% of French people today are active on social media. Contrary to what you might think, social networks are not just for individual consumers.  Business leaders also use social networks as a source of information before they make a purchase. So consider becoming active on social media and posting content that will appeal to your future customers.


You can put this lever into play once you’ve gathered your prospects’ email addresses. The goal is to send emails and bring your content directly to your prospect. But be careful! Mass emails have grown out of vogue and will often end up in the spam or trash folder.  This lever is the most customizable, so take advantage of it. Study your target audience to address them effectively and generate more interest.


Content makes up the foundation of all market levers. As an indispensable element of everything we’ve gone over thus far, your content is everywhere. It is therefore of immense importance. Your content must absolutely be of excellent quality. Remember that in an inbound marketing strategy, the goal is not to advertise your products all over the place. Rather, you want to provide quality, informative content, which will serve to showcase your know-how. To best adapt your content to your audience, you must first study your target market. For optimal success, you need to define your marketing persona.  A persona is an imaginary profile of your ideal customer. This step will let you better visualize who you are trying to reach and thus better adapt your content to your target audience.

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