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Why Professional Web Design Matters

Pourquoi soigner le design de votre site professionnel

When you create your website, function can sometimes outweigh aesthetics. But design remains an important component and you must not take it lightly. Here’s why!

1. You want to project a flattering image of your company

Beware of first impressions. They tend to be accurate.  It’s worthwhile to refine your website’s design and appearance, because this is what communicates the brand image of your company.  And if your website is dated and disorganized, Internet users will think that your business is too. It would be a shame for your sales and reputation to suffer due to an unconvincing visual identity.

Handy Tips

  • For your professional site, opt for a simple and refined design. An overcrowded layout (too many visuals, colours and GIFs) can distract your visitors’ attention and take away from the impact of your content.
  • For maximum effect, it’s best to entrust your website design to a professional who builds sites for a living.

2. You want to stand out from the competition

Though you might view your website design as a mundane detail, in the eyes of your Internet users, it’s significant. And it’s often the details that make all the difference.  If two vendors offer the same prices and features (delivery times and conditions), when it comes down to a choice between two websites, it’s often the company who presents themselves better who will make the sale.

3. You want to inspire clients and prospects to spend more time on your site.

It’s one thing to attract Internet users and build their trust.  But it’s even better if you can get them to stay on your site. If your site boasts clear content, user-friendly navigation, fast loading time and fabulous aesthetics, your visitors will be more likely to take action.  Actions can include purchasing one of your products online or filling out a subscription or contact form.

Handy Tip

When Internet users read a website page’s content, their eyes usually follow the shape of a capital F.  This means that the center-left area of the page will benefit from the most visibility.

Key Points to Remember

  • The overall look of your website needs to match the image you want to present to your company.
  • Your website represents a showcase of your work. If it is modern and well organized, Internet users will get the impression that you are too.
  • If two websites present the same content, a site that is well put together will win over a more cluttered website.
  • An effective design will help you make a fast and good impression

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