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Why You Need Video Content


Strong video content can do wonders for a company’s brand image and online presence, especially on social media.

It’s also really great for SEO. These days, videos make up an important element in any SEO strategy.

More and more, Google search engines are prioritizing video content which tends to rank higher in search results.

Here’s what you need to know about online video content…

  • Why is video more effective than a regular article?

65% of people retain visual content better than all other types of communication. The experts call this “visual thinking.”  It’s the brain’s method of absorbing information through visual processing.  This simple and effective cerebral task lets people deepen their understanding while generating ideas and creativity.

  • How do videos impact natural SEO?

A video is 53 times more likely to appear at the top of Google searches. This means that YouTube is the 2nd greatest search engine in the world and the 3rd most visited website.

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  • Are videos good for social media?

Yes. Scroll through any social media platform and videos are front and centre. And they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.  More than a third of Internet users share videos of their favourite brands on their social media accounts. This lets advertisers engage with their clientele, boost their visibility and generate leads. Video content can also help with click and conversion rates.

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  • Video content and social media—what ‘s allowed and where?

    • Twitter: You can share videos and GIF’s.
    • Facebook: You can post videos and share them in your stories. Live videos are another popular option. And users can also tune into video-on-demand content via Facebook Watch.
    • Instagram: You can publish videos on your newsfeed or story, or just like on Facebook, go live.
    • YouTube: You can post videos or go live. And if you’re a major influencer, you can post your videos as stories.
    • Linked In: You can share videos, and more recently post stories.
  • Do I need a video content strategy?

A content strategy is a must. You need to create value by offering quality, transparent, and relevant information that instills trust in your community.

  • What’s the ideal format?

Your video needs to be short, to-the-point, and creative. We’ve entered the era of mini videos which run between 20 and 30 seconds. If you’re publishing on social media, you need to adapt the size of the video to each platform since this will vary. For example, LinkedIn and Facebook videos are ideally around a minute long. But you don’t want to go over 45 seconds for Twitter or 30 for Instagram.

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