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6 Tips for Writing Great Product Descriptions


Writing great product descriptions is not as easy as it looks—you have to portray the product accurately while convincing the reader it’s better at solving their problem than anything else on the market.

When your description falls short, the browsing shopper gives their sale to someone else. In fact, a study by Nielsen Norman Group reflected that insufficient product descriptions are to blame for 20% of deterred purchases. The reader has to be enticed, enlightened and reassured that this is the product for them in a matter of seconds. No pressure.

And not to worry—we’ll guide you through all the important elements that make up a strong product description.

Building a Winning Product Description

Hitting a home run (or “add to cart”) depends on precision and strategy from beginning to end. You must command and hold the reader’s attention while continuing to provide them with the information and answers they’re looking for, only to finish strong with encouragement. Here are some elements to include to ensure a strong sales funnel.

1- Targeting

Write for the buyer you want. Identify the target demographic interested in your product and then strategize your marketing to appeal to their needs and persona specifically;

  • use the lingo and tone they’d respond to,
  • present their problem and describe how you’re the solution,
  • use ‘you phrases’ to speak directly to them,
  • and bond through relatable storytelling based on their interests.

2- Authority

Convince them you’re the best in the biz. Assert yourself as the leading competitor, standing out because of your product quality and trusted values. Build this trust by including the following in your description area:

  • awards/recognition,
  • case studies,
  • FAQs,
  • accomplishments,
  • reviews,
  • certifications.
Writing-great-product-descriptions-white-hand-holds-phone and points to clothing product description
Use your product descriptions to show your clients you know your stuff. Photo Credit: Cotton Bro Studio on And thank you to Moose Photos for the stunning thumbnail.

3- Professionalism

Another way to build credibility is to write well, with attention to detail. Proofread, edit, spellcheck. Use a natural tone that’s consistent with your brand and audience and which isn’t too salsey, so you come off as genuine. Take care of your work and website as a whole; refinement communicates reliability.

4- Evocation

Through writing, you want to create a vividness and tangibility to your product. The reader should visualize their life with it— a better life. When you appeal to emotions and 3D thinking, they’re much more likely to feel a visceral pull to own the product (since they already feel like they do). Use unique and compelling adjectives, superlatives, and eloquent scene-setting related to their lifestyle (and the one they want). Pro tip: market it as urgent or exclusive/limited since buyers like to feel they’re getting a special opportunity.

Product descriptions that convert: your clients should feel like they’ve won the lottery! Photo Credit: Manuel Alejandro Leon from Pixabay

5- Precision

You need your description to capture the attention of a squirrel, especially online. Distractions are everywhere, and time is invaluable, which is to say that potential shoppers are actively scrolling and exiting pages at a very fast pace. You have to hook them in with text that isn’t too intimidating (bullet points, small paragraphs, and emboldened text accents) so they begin to skim. Key elements, such as usages/benefits, should be easily identified. A “buy now” CTA should be a bullseye right below the description.

The text itself should clarify any questions they have, finishing with basic specs (measurements, colour, material, price, etc.).

6- Findable

Online back-end marketing is how the reader finds themselves on your product page in the first place, so it’s integral. You should always be researching and leveraging keywords so you can increase SEO and conversion. Place keywords and phrases in titles, URLs, description text, and alt text so your product comes up as the solution to the searcher’s online inquiry. Some shoppers may recognize that the higher you rank on search engines, the more credible you are, lending their trust in your product.

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