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Do you run a restaurant? Here’s what you need to put in your newsletter!

Vous êtes restaurateur ? Que doit contenir votre newsletter ?

If you’re a restaurant owner, you’d probably much rather redesign your menu every three days than figure out what to put in your newsletter. And isn’t that always the way? Alas, nailing your hollandaise sauce does not always translate into mastering new technology. But there’s no need to panic. Just follow our recipe and get ready to send off your best newsletter yet!

1. What are the ingredients to a stellar newsletter?

To adapt your newsletter to your sector, here are a few ideas on what kind of content to include.

  • Did you just change your menu or are you planning to do so soon? Tell your customers! Show them your latest changes and explain why you’ve added new dishes and said good-bye to others.
  • Give out your restaurant’s favourite recipes to your most devoted foodie customers. Don’t worry. This won’t stop them from coming to you. They’ll want to see how their culinary expertise measures up with yours. Plus they’ll still want try out the rest of your menu!
  • Organize a special event. You can create a Valentine’s Day or New Year’s menu, host a karaoke night or art exhibit, or run a recipes workshop. Once you’ve made your plan, invite your customers! And when  you do, though you don’t want to bombard them with information, you do want to make sure you tell them what they need to know. Where is your event? How can I register? How much is it? What will the menu be?
  • Do you have a new chef on board your team? Introduce them to your clientele. Where are they in their career? What are their specialties? Your customers don’t just love youfor your food. They’ll be thrilled to discover the inner workings of your restaurant.
  • Are you expanding? Or did you just become the owner of another restaurant? Give your subscribers a sneak peak in your newsletter. And if you’re still in the midst of renovations, don’t forget to take photos of your work site and include them in your newsletter.  Your clients will enjoy being able to share this adventure right along with you.

Handy Tip

Draw in your readers with visuals like photos and videos that will make your subscribers more likely to read your newsletter.  If it’s well done, your newsletter can serve as a regular date between you and your readers.  They’ll want to inhale it as soon as it arrives in their inboxes, just like they do when your dishes arrive on their plates!

2. Must-haves for every newsletter, regardless of your sector

For all business owners, there are some non-negotiable newsletter elements. When you’re putting together your newsletter, don’t forget:

  • Links that lead to your restaurant’s website and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • The special services you offer like online orders and reservations.
  • Your restaurant’s address, as well as your business hours. Your new clients need to know where to find you. .
  • An unsubscribe link that lets your subscribers opt out of future emails.
  • Captions for your pictures

Key Points to Remember

  • Build client loyalty by channeling the same energy you put into your recipes into your newsletters. An excellent newsletter can also help you gain new clients!
  • A newsletter is a wonderful and useful tool for keeping in touch with your clients.
  • Adding photos will make your newsletter more appealing.

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