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Your Key to Effective Landing Pages


A “landing page” is a webpage your prospects and customers “land on” when they click on a link from a newsletter, search engine results page, banner ad, or partner site.

An essential element of any marketing strategy, your landing page needs to communicate a clear message and purpose.  Unlike a full-on website, a landing page is a standalone page with a specific goal—it is meant to send website visitors to a call-to-action link. If your page is compelling enough, it will set you up for a stellar conversion rate.

When do I need to make a landing page?

Landing pages are perfect for several different marketing scenarios. You can use them to:

  1. Announce your imminent website launch, brand-new Click and Collect solution, or online booking set-up.
  2. Get your visitors to fill out a contact form, book an appointment, or subscribe to your newsletter. Once you have their contact info, create a mailing list to keep in touch with your prospects.
  3. Create a new product launch, your latest article, or recent collection.
  4. Run a sale or promo for a special occasion like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Boxing Day week.


Example of a retail store’s landing page featuring a Call-to-Action (CTA)


How do I make my landing page stand out?

For one thing, all your content needs to appear on a single page. You can separate it into several sections, but the entire page should not be too long.  Here are our best practices for creating a landing page that converts:

  • Establish the goal of your page and make sure all the little details—headings, sub-headings, images, CTA’s—revolve around making this happen. The point of a landing page is to get people to click. So you have to be strategic about the page you are sending them to.  Will they end up at a shopping cart page with the product you want them to buy? An online form? A catalogue? A page on your main website?

Important: Your web visitors need to be able to get there in a single click.

  • Highlight your most important elements and organize your content in order of priority—your message needs to be coherent and convincing. You want to hook your visitor enough to get them ready for the next step. They should be able to get to your most important information without scrolling.  We call this “above the fold” or waterline content.
  • Make your CTA’s—call to actions ((Subscribe! Click here!)—clear and visible to maximize your chances of conversion.
  • Your design is another important factor when you’re trying to inspire your visitors to click. Keep in mind that most of them won’t scroll further than the bottom of the page.
  • Use photos and visuals to capture their attention. Your images need to speak to your content.
  • And this is a good time to pull out your customer reviews to help you earn your prospects’ trust. Positive testimonials land you social approval that will inspire your prospects to commit.

Check out some  fantastic landing page examples here!

And now you know the structure and content you need for landing page success. It’s time to get started!

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There are all kinds of apps out there you can use create your landing page. But you can also leave it to the pros. Your web experts at Linkeo are here to help you make your digital leap.

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