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Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? What’s the best social media platform for my company?

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It doesn’t matter what your field is or what type of clients you have. Whether you’re an architect, hairdresser or mechanic, social media platforms will optimize your online presence and improve your SEO. But how do I choose the right medium for my company? To figure this out, we’ve done a quick review of your main options…

1. Facebook, the most popular

“Tell me who your customers are. I’ll tell you which social network to choose.” If your clientele is mostly private, creating a Facebook page will allow you to:

  • Communicate about events (promotions, contests, special offers),
  • Search for customers and partners 
  • Advertise
  • Boost your SEO (Google indexes information published on Facebook),
  • Interact with your community.

Good to knowHandy Tips

When  is the best time to post? Between Wednesday and Friday from 1-4 PM and on the weekend between 12-1 PM.

2. Twitter, your most direct bet

With its 140-character limit, Twitter lets you get information out fast.  You can directly contact influencers, the bloggers and experts on the Internet whose followers and reputation make them key contributors to your field. The more succinct format lets you more easily capture your audience’s attention and encourage retweets. The more retweets you get, the more you and your brand will gain visibility.

Good to knowHandy Tips

“Tweeters” are busy people! On Twitter, clients will expect you to respond fast (most often in less than two hours).

When should I tweet? Tweets see the highest readership during the week, between noon and 3 PM, with a peak on Wednesdays from 5-6 PM.

Pinterest and Instagram, the best place for your creative spirit

Social media’s two rising stars are perfect for building your business Are you looking to share visual content? Are you an interior designer, hairdresser, landscaper, or stylist? You and just about all types of business owners will love Pinterest and Instagram for the way they let you showcase your new creations and achievements.

Good to knowHandy Tips

Since images are more important than text, make sure you take the time to create high-quality, original photos.

When should I publish?

Between 2 and 4 a.m. for Pinterest (There are tools that make it possible to program your posts ahead of time!)

All day long for Instagram

5. LinkedIn, the best place for growing your professional network 

LinkedIn is the ideal site for expanding your professional network and meeting the people who will help you grow your business.   But to do so and make people notice you, you have to be active and share your news and the latest breakthroughs in your field.

6. Youtube, the best place for videos

A presence on Youtube has become a great way to get attention. It is the second social network behind Facebook. Whether you’re making your own video or using a professional, you’re going to have to be creative. Find something original to represent your business.

7. Snapchat, where all the cool kids are

Creating a presence on YouTube has become an excellent way to attract attention.  After Facebook, it is the second most popular social media network.  Whether you make your videos yourself or call upon a professional, you’re going to have to be creative. Find something original to represent your company.

Key pointsKey Points to Remember:

  • Free, easy to use, and full of potential, social media provides the ultimate marketing leverage for people who know how to use it.
  • Make sure you adapt your content to your business activity and clientele.
  • Stay active to keep your subscribers engaged

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